System-Risk Opinion Paper ‘Evolutionary leap in large‐scale flood risk assessment needed‘ published on WIRES Water


In our Opinion Paper we call for a fundamental redesign of the approaches used for large-scale flood risk assessment and point the way to advance these approaches for prioritizing national investments in risk mitigation or for appraisal and management of insurance portfolios facing the challenge of increasing risks due to climate and global change.



Vorogushyn, S., Bates, P. D., de Bruijn, K., Castellarin, A., Kreibich, H., Priest, S., Schröter, K., Bagli, S., Blöschl, G., Domeneghetti, A., Gouldby, B., Klijn, F., Lammersen, R., Neal, J. C., Ridder, N., Terink, W., Viavattene, C., Viglione, A., Zanardo, S. and Merz, B.: Evolutionary leap in large‐scale flood risk assessment needed, Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Water, doi:10.1002/wat2.1266, 2017.