IMPREX Workshop 'Hydro-Meteorological risk outlook tool'

IMPREX - Background

This workshop will introduce participants to the hydro-meteorological risk-outlook tool of H2020 project “IMPREX” = IMproving Predictions and management of hydrological EXtremes. IMPREX aims to improve society’s ability to anticipate and respond to future hydrological extreme events (floods, droughts...) in Europe. It enhances forecast quality of extreme hydro-meteorological conditions and their impacts. The knowledge developed by the project supports risk management and adaptation planning at European and national levels.

Hydro-meteorological risk outlook tool for Europe

Building upon the development of the seasonal prediction systems and the hydrological prediction systems which are key deliverables of IMPREX, and linking to other relevant activities in Europe, IMPREX is delivering a prototype tool able to inform decision-makers about the likelihood of occurrence of high risk hydrological events in the forthcoming months. The risk outlook tool is also supported by a “serious game”, which will also be presented. We are interested to discuss with European decision-makers in both public and private sector the use (in a decision-making context) and the limitations of the hydrological risk outlook tool. This could inspire seasonal forecasting platforms in the way their outlooks are best communicated.

Workshop Contents

In the ½ day workshop participants will take part in the following tentative programme:

  • Introduction to IMPREX
  • Description & demonstration of the IMPREX hydrological risk outlook tool
  • Discussion on the use and limitations of the hydrological risk outlook tool
  • Results of the various IMPREX sectoral surveys (tbc, likely only a sub-selection):

    o    Flood inundation prediction and risk assessments
    o    Hydropower
    o    Transport
    o    Urban Water
    o    Agriculture and droughts
    o    Water Economy

  • Public & private sector decision-making context
  • Group discussions on (subselection of) on above survey topics
  • The “IMPREXive” serious game (Louise Arnal, ECMWF)
  • Discussion summary and & recommendations

Registration will soon be possible via the Conference registration website


Workshop participants should familiarise themselves with general goals & findings of IMPREX project and in particular the “Risk Outlook” tool.  Also think about some of the novel concepts of IMPREX:
1.    Climate variability and flood/drought risks
2.    Future weather and compound events
3.    Methods to support drought risk management
4.    Probabilistic impact assessment
as outlined at URL
Serious game at URL
Further workshop material, including an updated agenda may be circulated to participants ahead of the event.

We are looking forward to a lively workshop in Potsdam.
Bernd Eggen (UK Met Office) & IMPREX team