Special session "System approaches to flood risk assessment and management"


A special session on "System approaches to flood risk assessment and management" is organised by System Risk Members at the Seventh International Conference on Flood Management - ICFM7 to be held from 5-7 September 2017 in Leeds, UK

Session Details: Flood risk is highly variable in space and time. This spatio-temporal dynamics is driven, among other things, by interactions between the components of risk. For instance, reinforcing and raising dikes typically increases the probability of inundation downstream. Flood protection by dikes reduces the probability of flooding but can intensify the economic development behind dikes, thus increasing exposure. In areas with high protection standards, households and companies may have low risk perception, thus showing high vulnerability. Such interactions are poorly captured in current flood risk assessments and management strategies. We invite submissions that take a systems approach and attempt to understand and consider interactions in space, in time or between risk components in risk assessment or risk management.

Details about the conference and abstract submission are available on the conference website: http://www.icfm7.org.uk/