GECOsistema srl

GECOsistema srl is a SME founded as a spin-off of PhD research at the University of Bologna in 2001. We deliver specialized consultancy services on spatial decision support systems, geographic information systems (GIS) and environmental modeling (hydrological and hydraulic modeling for surface- and groundwater, meteorology, and multimedia pollution assessment), for both private and public customers. The team includes 10 MSc specialists in different fields of modeling as well as programmers/software engineers all having extensive experience of real-world decision making processes and decision support needs, ensures a tight link between software development, underlying hydrological science and engineering practice. In addition to environmental modeling services deployed on a case-by-case basis, we offer cloud-based services with pre-organized datasets and models for cost-effective decision support on emission management at industrial pollution prevention and control (IPPC) sites, hydrological modeling, and renewable energy assessment.