University of Bologna (UniBO, est. 1088)

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UNIBO is one of the largest and most active Italian universities in research and technology transfer. It stands among the most important institutions of higher education in EU with more than 86,000 enrolled students, 2,857 Academic staff, 1,198 post-docs, 1,606 PhDs, 3,014 administrative and technicians staff units. The activities are implemented in 5 Campuses based in the Emilia-Romagna Region (Bologna, Forlì, Cesena, Ravenna, Rimini) and in Buenos Aires, Argentina. UNIBO offers 51 PhD/Doctoral degree programs and 64 Master's degree programs. At EU level UNIBO ranks 1st University in Italy and 27th in Europe for FP7 funded projects (EC 5th Monitoring Report). UNIBO is involved in 270 projects funded in FP7 (87.7 Mil€ granted), 41 of which are PEOPLE projects, with 11 ITN (3 coordinated by UNIBO). In H2020, UNIBO is involved in 3 funded projects, 2 of which are MSCA (1 ITN - EID and 1 RISE) and is Beneficiary in 17 more projects in the Grant Agreement Preparation phase. According to the DG EAC (April 2014) UNIBO ranks 1st University in Italy participating in MCA. UNIBO is member of the 3rd cohort of the EC Institutional Human Resources Strategy Group for the alignment of its policies and practices to the principles of the European Charter for Researcher & the Code of Conduct and it has been awarded by the EC (DG Research & Innovation) the use of the logo Human Resources Excellence in Research. At UNIBO, research activities are promoted, coordinated and supported by the 33 Scientific Departments and by the Research and Knowledge Transfer Division, with the support of the European Research & Innovation Office.The Dept. of Civil, Chemical, Environmental and Materials Engineering (DICAM) is a body of UniBO. DICAM faculties (101 tenured faculties plus administrative staff, technicians and research fellows) are responsible for the Civil and Environmental engineering curricula. The 2nd level degrees in Civil and Environmental Engineering are thought in English.


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