ESR 9 - Development of a new European-wide flood hazard assessment approach

Jeison Sosa

Jeison Sosa, home country Ecuador

Host Institute: University of Bristol, School of Geographical Sciences

Contact details:
Tel: +44 7957468007


Flood hazard projections at national and trans-national scales are needed for climate change studies, reinsurance pricing, emergency operations during major floods and prioritizing strategic investment. I will develop a Europe-wide probabilistic flood hazard chain by combining Europe-wide models of catchment hydrology and floodplain inundation at 100 m resolution with output from the weather generator being developed by ESR4. Yet stochastic modelling tools to develop such projections at this scale do not currently exist. The characteristics of extreme European storms that generate large-scale floods will be investigated. This allows analysing the impact of uncertainty in extreme storm data on the simulated flood risk.