ESR 7 - Large-scale flood risk assessment considering river-dike-floodplain interactions and related spatial risk redistribution

Maxime Liquet

Maxime Liquet, home country  France

Host Institute: German Research Centre for Geosciences GFZ, Section 5.4 Hydrology

Contact details:
Tel: +49 3312881513


Fluvial processes such as attenuation or superposition of flood waves in river networks, natural and human-controlled floodplain storage or failure of flood defences may considerably shape the spatio-temporal pattern of flood hazard and risk. These interactions between different fluvial processes are particularly important for risk assessment for policy making and reinsurance industry, yet are not considered in models at large scales. The project will develop the modelling tools and analysis techniques to quantify large-scale effects of fluvial processes (e.g. floodplain storage effects) and particularly of dike failures on the evolution of flood patterns in a large basin. The model will be applied to the Rhine catchment (links to ESR6, ESR8). In particular, the solidarity principle will be taken into account for assessment of spatio-temporal risk patterns (upstream-downstream risk shifts) and potential risk compensation measures.