ESR 3 - Identification of flood hazard patterns and flood-prone areas for large regions

Ricardo Tavares da Costa

Ricardo Tavares da Costa, home country Portugal

Host Institute: GECOsistema srl

Contact details:
Viale Giosuè Carducci, 15
47521 Cesena (FC)
Tel: +39 0547 22619


The EU Flood Directive requires the member states to perform comprehensive flood hazard and risk assessments on all flood-prone areas, thus implying detailed analyses for ungauged or poorly gauged basins and large floodplains where resorting to detailed and computationally demanding hydrodynamic models is not feasible. To support regional authorities in these costly tasks, this project will develop: (1) data-driven methods for estimating extreme floods over large areas, by simplified conceptualizations of the interplay between meteorological drivers and catchment processes (e.g. multivariate regional envelope of record floods); (2) simplified GIS-based methods for large-scale flood hazard mapping based on floodplain morphology and land-use, by extrapolating results from detailed hydraulic studies from the local to the large scale. In particular, the analyses will investigate the descriptiveness of different morphometric indices for characterizing and quantifying exposure to flood hazard, providing parsimonious procedures that are applicable at large spatial scales. The research activities will be performed in collaboration with AdB-Po testing the suitability of the proposed procedures for assessing flood hazard patterns at the river basin scale.

'Online implementation of simplified tool for riverine flood hazard mapping at large scales: Demonstration web service'