ESR 11

ESR 11 - Assessing and evaluating the interconnections and interdependencies between flood risk management (FRM) interventions

Lydia Cumiskey, home country Ireland

Host Institute: Flood Hazard Research Centre, Middlesex University

Contact details:
Tel: +44 208 411 5913


This project involves assessing the degree to which different FRM interventions are adopted at different scales from individual to collective actions. Investigating the interconnections and interdependencies between portfolios of interventions will permit a much broader understanding of how different approaches, in particular different scales of management measures and emergency response, compensation and insurance, are adopted and able to combine to improve the overall flood risk management of systems. In particular, the task will be to examine how these different FRM interventions, combine or conflict and how they can be evaluated from social and economic perspectives. This will permit a better understanding of how integrated policies may be designed to improve the resilience to flood impacts and consequences.

Cumiskey, L., Priest, S., Valchev, N., Viavattene, C., Costas, S. and Clarke, J.: A framework to include the (inter)dependencies of Disaster Risk Reduction measures in coastal risk assessment, Coastal Engineering, doi:10.1016/j.coastaleng.2017.08.009, 2017.